Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures in Cleaning

Today I had the opportunity to clean some things that are normally ignored. Amazingly the house was pretty clean - so I attacked the problem areas. First was the refrigerator. I pulled out the shelves so I could wash everything. While I was in the middle of this - the phone rang - I answered, and was busy for a couple of minutes scheduling an appointment. After I hung up the phone I looked back over to the kitchen sink - and my wonderful boy Carter had the faucet pulled out and was spraying the entire kitchen with water. It was so absurd I had to laugh - how could I be upset with my little fire fighter. Ironically, the appointment I was making on the phone was for testing for Carter, to get him into priority preschool.

Cleaning project #2. Last night Marcus told me he lost one of Janie's binkies to the couch. So I took it upon myself to go hunting for it. Now be prepared because this is really gross - I turned the couch over and out came a heap of stuff. Yes - that's an empty water bottle - it's not even the brand I buy - so I don't know who slipped that in. To make the story even better, Carter came running over to inspect the pile. He started screaming in joy because he found candy - then his screams turned into disappointment because I wouldn't let him eat it. But he quickly recovered, because he found all sorts of treasures.... his lost whistle (which I'm wishing would have stayed lost), cars and makeup. At least this little treasure hunt did produce two binkies.


Erica said...

That is hilarious! I don't even want to know what's under my couch! I don't think I'll be up-ending them any time soon either! I also ban whistles and harmonics to the back yard with no guilt!!
Now you've made me think I should attack my fridge and actually accomplish something today...dang.

Candice said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the giggle today!

Monda said...

That's great !! How much money did you find? Don't you just love those chores.

Melissa and Trevor said...

I took my couch apart yesterday actually and found some good stuff. Amazing what you can find! Is Carter back on his binki now? Cole had them hid all over the house and for a month after we took him off it, he was finding them and sucking on them when I was not around and the hiding them again!