Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls, you got me!

I got a phone call today from Monda, and she asked me to come over to work on a project with her. I didn't think anything of it - because we had talked about it before. So we had a nice time playing with beads and hair bands - and we were entertained by Greg showing off his boxing moves.

The surprise came when I arrived home to find a fabulous mess.

You girls sure no how to make a girl feel loved!!!
I thought for sure I was going to escape the flamingos! I don't know how we're going to top this. Who is the next victim?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Janie's Cookie

Janie got her first chocolate chip cookie, and it was so delicious.

Her favourite treats are cookies, chocolate and her all time favourite

- ice cream. Maybe we should just call her Sarah junior.


We went to the zoo to go to the new water splash park. It was so much fun - the kids had a blast. Thanks Aunty Lizzy and Michael for taking us - it's even more fun when it's free!

Then we fed the ducks. A few visits ago - carter hand fed a duck and got his fingers bit - so now he has learned to keep his distance.

Sneaking Around

The Birthday bashing continued at Monda's house.
I love doing this - because every time we think of new fun stuff to do to decorate (aka trash) the birthday girl's yard. But as usual the pink flamingos were there all dressed up for the party.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mom excercises!?!?

I got on the treadmill at home today. I sat Janie down on the guest bed behind me, and I started to exercise. After a minute or two I turned around and Janie gave me the "What on earth are you doing" look. I know she was dumbfounded that mom could be exercising.
Shortly afterwards Carter found me, and stopped me from continuing - so it will probably be another year before I use my treadmill again.

If you're happy and you know it...

Janie loves to clap her hands. If she sees someone clapping - she claps. If she hears someone getting excited - she claps. If she's bored - she claps.

Spot Lights

Mia was chosen as the first Royal of the week in her Kindergarten class. She was chosen first because she is the smartest, most beautiful, and funnest girl in her class - of course.

Mia showing off her fake nails - aren't they fabulous!

Carter was chosen for the September spotlight in his pre-school class. He was chosen because he is the cutest, sweetest, and brightest boy in his class - of course.

Boys will be Boys

Carter went to lunch with his favourite friends - Cole and TJ. As usual we went to Chic-fil-a.

The boys love getting their own ice cream cones.

But most of all they love to be LOUD!


Once a month I escape the house and play Bunco with my girlfriends.

I laugh and giggle and squeal the evening away.

Shannon, Monda, Rachel, Stacey, Donna, Erica, Jennie, Melissa, Vonda, Jana, ME, Charlene, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Kirsten (missing Marcee)

I love you girls!!!

And an EXTRA SPECIAL shout out to Candice - Bunco is not the same without you. I'm surprised we could even smile for the above photo, while we're still grieving your loss.

Carter's Birthday Part 2

We had a family birthday party for all of our September Birthdays. Here are the Birthday boys, Carter and Max. Carter got a snorkel set for his birthday - and Uncle Max showed Carter how to use it.

Max's lemon squares - Liz goes out of her way to make everyone a yummy treat!

Carter's Truck cake made by Aunt Lizzy. Carter loved it - and played with the trucks for the rest of the day.

Sam (Max's dog) and Dakota going down the slide. Max gave them a helping hand with a gentle push.

Playing fetch in the pool - the dogs are almost as entertaining as the kids.

Happy Birthday to Carter, Seth, Crit, Max and Suzie!

Smile Janie

Two weeks ago Janie got her first tooth!

And now her second tooth has popped through.

Here she is trying to show off the first tooth - without much luck. But she still is cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carter's Birthday

My little Carter is now 3 years old!!!
We had such a fun day, it was labor day - so we had Daddy home with us.

Of course we went swimming - but then we took Carter to Red Robin for Dinner. I love this place - balloons for the kids, Mac n Cheese on the kids menu, and it's so loud in here that no one notices my crazy family and.....

They will sing a silly song and bring a dessert for your birthday.

Then we went to Target so Carter could spend some of his Birthday money. What did he pick - the biggest bag of candy he could find - what could we do - it was his birthday.

My little Princesses

This is just too adorable not to share - although I know Carter won't be too happy about it later.

This is one of their favourite things to do. Mia dresses up Carter and then does his hair and make up.

Who needs Barbies when you have a little brother!

The Adventures of FishBoy

Carter has been nicknamed FishBoy - because he is the most amazing little swimmer.

And like many other little boys - he has no fear. He can stay underwater as long as any adult, and can swim for hours.

All of this video was recorded when he was 2 years old - pretty cool huh?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I go Baseball Game?

We took the family to a baseball game Saturday evening.

We sat in our seats (the nosebleeds) for the first couple of innings.

Then we went to the Sandlot - the new kids area at the ballpark.
The kids had a blast playing around - and hitting balls.

Carter ran to the T and starting whacking at it - he couldn't wait for it to be set up for him.

Notice the Suns/Sun Devil/Football outfits - Marcus insisted that the children needed to have on some kind of sports apparel. I would have picked them up some D-Backs clothes - but then Marcus would expect to go to more games.
And every day since then Carter asks "I go Baseball Game?"
Maybe we will have to get him some D-backs gear.

A Puppy named Puppy

This adorable puppy was found last week during the storms. We are searching for his family but until then he is staying with us. To prove that we are not keeping him - we have refused to name him - so we call him Puppy.

The first night Puppy stayed with us - our permanent dog - Dakota escaped during one of the storms. So for two days we had this little rascal, and not our beloved Kota. But we were able to find Kota at the dog shelter - and $250 later - we were able to take him home.

So Puppy gets to stay for a couple more days and then we're sending him to the shelter.

The Auction

Saturday August 23. Team Charlene benefit diner and auction.

What an Amazing Event!!! I feel so blessed to be part of this project.
Charlene is such wonderful person and I am not at all surprised by the overflow of support given to this event. What I didn't expect was the numbers of people that came - and the amounts donated to the cause.
I am especially grateful for the examples of kindness and service that I was able to witness. The people that worked so hard to pull this night off - are some of the most amazing people. I have a new perspective on friendship because of these people - and the bonds created when you serve together.
I love all of you guys!!!!

Sarah, Katie, Monda, Erica, Vonda, Stacy and Lauren

And of course we girls know how to have fun - even when we're working! (Fun=Food)

Erica, Monda, Sarah and Jana

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can I hear an AMEN!

It's been one of those days. You know what I'm talking about. The house is a disaster, the kids are wild and out of control, and the husband comes home late. So what did I do to relieve my stress tonight - I put on my sneakers and did yard work. Believe it or not - but it helped - mostly because there were no children around.

So all you Moms out there that know what I'm talking about - let me hear an AMEN.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Arr Matey

Carter loves pirates. And he is constantly covering one eye and saying Arr Matey. He also likes to cover other peoples eyes as well.

So... He thought it would be a good idea to cover Janie's eye with some pirate treasure. And Janie thought it was a good idea too! Isn't she a good sport?

A visit from Sarah, Joshua and Rose

My sister-in-law dropped off her son Joshua Friday night.

Here he is with Janie. He used to hate babies - now he can tolerate them for a few minutes.

Mia and Joshua sat down and did homework - on a Friday night - WOW.

Then Saturday morning Sarah came over and brought her new puppy - Rose. Isn't she adorable.