Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Puppy named Puppy

This adorable puppy was found last week during the storms. We are searching for his family but until then he is staying with us. To prove that we are not keeping him - we have refused to name him - so we call him Puppy.

The first night Puppy stayed with us - our permanent dog - Dakota escaped during one of the storms. So for two days we had this little rascal, and not our beloved Kota. But we were able to find Kota at the dog shelter - and $250 later - we were able to take him home.

So Puppy gets to stay for a couple more days and then we're sending him to the shelter.


The Mellen family said...

I can't believe you lost Kota for awhile. That would break my heart to lose Barry (still undecided about Sooner). You can't give up the puppy. Kota needs another friend and this is just perfect. It's fate. Keep puppy and give him a name and a home.

Erica said...

Puppy is cute. Puppy is lucky to have ran into Sarah. Puppy feels like you have named him....Puppy. I'd love to help you out, but puppy poops, so I'm out.