Monday, August 18, 2008

Arr Matey

Carter loves pirates. And he is constantly covering one eye and saying Arr Matey. He also likes to cover other peoples eyes as well.

So... He thought it would be a good idea to cover Janie's eye with some pirate treasure. And Janie thought it was a good idea too! Isn't she a good sport?


Erica said...

That is so funny! What a sweetie that Janie.

The Mellen family said...

I can't believe how much Janie looks like Carter. I hope your litte girls stays calm and sweet and doesn't turn into the girl version of Carter.

Bumm crew said...

I hope that sweet personality carries into her teen years. Then I'll really envy you. She is so stinkin' cute!!

Erica said...

Hey jealousy,
It's easy to set up a blog list:
*Just go into customize
*click on "add a gadget"
*click on "Blog List"
*Then I just copied and pasted all of the addresses in one by one!

Hopefully you'll still visit my blog now that you won't be "using" me for my blog list anymore!!

Tammy said...

Hi Sarah, What a sport that Janie is! She is so cute. It looks as though she is really enjoying it. What a cute picture. How old is she? My grandaughter is 6 mos. old
I love this age.