Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Water Balloon Fight

The Bus stop moms hatched up a plan to attack our children when they got off the bus.

We lured them over with otter pops, and then while their hands were full - or at least one hand - we got them with water balloons.

It quickly turned into an all out battle with water guns and balloons. We had 6 tubs of balloons, so the fight lasted quite awhile.

This is Mia before...

And this is Mia after she got pelted in the head with a balloon.

Carter had to keep up with the big kids - he was getting anyone who came near him.

Janie stayed cool with some cold balloons all around her.

What a fun day!!!!


Erica said...

That is hilarious!! What a fun mom you are!! Poor Mia! First the ear piercing and now getting pelted in the head with a water sad! Atleast she can thank her mom for documenting it for later when she might think its funny!

***LIZ*** said...

What a good idea! Can I do that to the kids the next time you come over? Michael would love it, and I have about 4500 water balloons in th closet.

Monda said...

I love it !!! What a great bunch of moms. Looks like Mia is not too happy with her mommy though. I can throw some water ballons at Erica and Charlene when I see them picking up and dropping of the kids.

redshoes595 said...

What a fun time!!! That is a geat idea, especially for Phx heat.